A compelling mix of presentations and discussions focused on market trends and emerging product categories, plus the latest market research on European channels for consumer technology products. 

Day 1 - Tuesday, 18th February 2020

Consumer Tech Retail Trends Insight Session

15:10 - 16:00

presented by Bob Snyder, Editor in Chief, Channel Media Europe

Get inspired and get new ideas for your business for the year ahead as Bob Snyder takes a keen look at the latest retail and consumer tech trends from across the globe in this informative session. 

CONTEXT Channel Academy

16:40 - 18:00

Presented by Victor Ivanov, Country Manager, CONTEXT

Topics covered include:

- What does the distributor landscape look like in EMEA? Size of the market by country, type of distributor and their different offerings

- How do you choose the type of distributor which will best suit your go-to-market needs?

- How do the finances work?

- What is a distributor looking for when choosing to sell a vendor’s products or services. 


This interactive session will be indispensable for exhibitors looking to improve their market reach in the EMEA region, and is ideal for senior vendor executives as well as salespeople. 


We also encourage distributors to attend if they have particular go to market offerings or strengths which they would like to explain in this public forum. If this is the case please contact the organiser of the Academy

Winning The Game: Competitive Thinking On The Gaming Market

18:10 - 19:00

Presented by Pavlin Lazarov, Global Strategic Insights Manager, GfK

When it comes to PC gaming hardware, we have experienced an evolution from a niche segment to a gaming ecosystem over the last few years. As the market matures, the growth rates of gaming desktops and notebooks are starting to slow down, although the demand levels differ by region. While gaming devices are more expensive, they offer enhanced performance and contribute to a better gaming experience – and these factors are particularly important to gamers. At the same time, this highlights the role of gaming as a margin driver for the industry and retail. In this workshop, GfK will investigate strategies for winning in this competitive battleground.

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Day 2 - Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Distribution 2025 - Drilling into the industry's direction, evolving services and increasing channel value

09:40 - 10:30

Presented by Peter van den Berg, General Manager EMEA & APAC, GTDC

Find out what's in store for the distribution channel and how businesses can evolve to maintain their place in the market.

A Wearables World - What does the future look like and how can the channel capitalise

10:40 - 11:30

Presented by Laurent Eymart, Co-Founder & CEO, RED-DOLPHIN & Sebastian Woldmann, Consultant Market Insights Central Europe, GfK

Deep dive into the latest market stats and trends in the wearables sector across the EMEA region, plus some great exclusive demos of the latest wearable devices to hit the market.

Collaborations and partnerships in the gaming arena. What’s happening and why you’re missing out if you’re not teaming up


Presented by Stefan Lampinen, Managing Director, Game Advisor Ltd

Collabs and partnerships are nothing new but in an fast moving marketplace where brand is king and innovation is essential, it’s important for vendors, distributors and retailers to work strategically and partner up to keep it fresh and maintain healthy consumer and channel partner engagement. How do I know who is the right partner for my product? Are they right for my brand positioning? Are they the right voice for my campaign? Join Stefan for some great insights, ideas and discussions…

5 initiatives distributors should implement now to increase profits in 2020


Presented by Steffen Bretzger, Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners

Steffen will share the top 5 lessons that help distributors achieve Commercial Excellence and improve their margins. Concrete case studies from the world’s leading Pricing & Sales Consultancy enriched with best practices from major players in the industry make this session a must see for all distributors seeking to optimize their topline performance

Smart Home - Opening Doors to New Opportunities

15:10 - 16:00

Presented by Sebastian Woldmann, Consultant Market Insights Central Europe, GfK

Smart home has been a hot topic for decades, but when will it finally take off? In his session Sebastian will provide an outlook on the latest developments of the market for smart home appliances in Europe and point out barriers for adoption and new opportunities that come with current technical developments like voice control.

M&A EMEA Channels: Drivers, Valuations & Trends

16:10 - 17:00

Presented by Pradip Somaia, Partner, Regent Assay

Pradip Somaia, Partner at Regent Assay will outline the current trends in European merger and acquisition (M&A) activity for the technology, media and telecoms sector and share valuable insight into the internal and external factors that impact the valuation of a business.


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Day 3 - Thursday, 20th February 2020

GfK Briefing & Breakfast: High-Tech Trends 2020: Business Trends across the Globe (INVITE ONLY)

8:00 - 9:00

hosted by the GfK team

Insight session presented by Christian Riedl - Director Market Insights Central Europe

Within the High-tech Industry, smartphones are still the dominant tech product in most markets. But while Smartphones arrived in almost every European household, new categories arise and old ‘champions’ revive. GfK will evaluate how vendors, retailers and resellers can benefit from new opportunities, which devices perform on the market, and what we can expect for 2020. In this session, new business models and strategies will be highlighted for further market resilience and to create sustainable business in the high-tech industry.

Retail Reloaded. How is retail changing and where is it heading to?

11:40 - 12:30

Presented by Tatjana Wismeth, Global Manager GfK Distribution Panel, GfK

In times of constant consolidation within the retail markets, new retail formats are coming up. Increasing online business and promotional events are disturbing regular sales seasons, and retailers are facing severe challenges. Meeting and satisfying consumer demands as well as accommodating latest trends are key to maintain a profitable and future-ready business. In this workshop, GfK will spotlight recent key trends that are impacting retail markets globally and identify growth areas and business potentials for retail markets which will pave the way for future. A must for every retailer, distributor and vendor.

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