DISTREE Insights is a series of video interviews and discussions with senior executives from the consumer tech sector to explore a broad selection of topics relating to the EMEA consumer technology sector.

Topics covered include: 

esports / routes to market / kids ecosystem / influencers / Work from Home / Smart Home

Kids Sector

The Digitalisation of the Kids Ecosystem

- Trends & Insights

Nick Richardson, CEO & Founder, Kids Insights, discusses the ever evolving kids ecosystem, buying influences and future trends to impact the brand engagement of toddlers, tweens and teens.

Smart Home

Smart Home: Insights & Opportunities for 2020

Julian Issa, Lead Analyst Intelligent Home & Vision, Futuresource Consulting shares some essential insights into the latest smart home trends, challenges and opportunities for the channel.


What's happening in 2020? Trends & Insights

2020 has been a busy year for the global gaming market. The pandemic has accelerated new tech coming to market as well as sparking some interesting innovations.


Esports. What is it and why should brands get involved?

Esports marketing agency Gosurabbit share some insights as well as some classic dos and don'ts for brands looking to get involved in this fast moving sector.