Guitars Innovations

by Stuart Wilson, Friday 20 October 2023

Are you a guitar enthusiast looking for something new?

The guitar industry is ever-evolving, and each year brings amazing new innovations to take your playing to the next level.

From wireless MIDI controllers to auto accompaniment tech and versatile accessories, there's something for everyone.

Check out the latest trends and tech to find the best gear for your needs.

Discover how the industry is becoming more resilient and explore the effects, hardware, and recording tech available.

Key Takeaways

  • Wireless MIDI controllers like ACPAD and the TriplePlay Controller by Fishman are revolutionizing the way guitarists interact with their instruments by allowing wireless control and connectivity.
  • Guitar to mobile device connectivity options such as the iRig and JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable are making it easier for guitarists to plug their instruments into their smartphones and stream audio wirelessly.
  • Auto accompaniment technology like OMB is adding a new dimension to guitar playing by providing real-time auto accompaniments while playing.
  • Innovative accessories like the ToneWoodamp are enhancing the sound of acoustic guitars and allowing players to use different effects without the need for additional equipment.

Wireless MIDI Controllers

You can now take advantage of wireless MIDI controllers to enhance your acoustic guitar playing. The ACPAD is a great example, as it allows you to use your guitar to control your computer, mobile device, or any other electronic device without the need for cables.

Also, you can read the article Upgrade Your Guitar’s Sound With MIDI.

The TriplePlay Controller by Fishman is another one, as it's a wireless MIDI guitar controller system that provides real-time control over digital instruments.

You can also connect your guitar to your mobile device using the iRig by IK Multimedia, which allows you to plug into your iPhone and adjust the input gain.

JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable is also an option, as it streams audio wirelessly using Wi-Fi and provides uncompressed professional-grade real-time audio.

With these wireless technologies, you can now create music with more freedom and flexibility.

Guitar to Mobile Device Connectivity

Do you want to take your guitar playing to the next level?

Look no further than the Irig, JACK, and ToneWoodamp for seamless connections between your guitar and mobile device.

Enjoy enhanced sound, more effects and a new level of convenience with wireless mobile device connectivity.

Irig - Iphone

Plug into your iPhone with the IK Multimedia iRig and unlock your guitar's potential!

The iRig is a revolutionary device that allows guitar and bass players to plug into their iPhone, iPad, or Mac and access a world of effects and sound enhancement.

It has adjustable input gain and cross-platform compatibility, so it's perfect for any musician.

With it, you can amplify your sound and get creative with studio-quality effects.

The iRig makes it easy to explore new musical genres and styles.

You can even record directly to your device and share your music with friends and family.

It's the perfect companion for any guitar or bass player.

Unlock your guitar's potential with the IK Multimedia iRig and explore a world of sound enhancement.

JACK - Wi-Fi

Connecting your guitar to your mobile device can be easily done with JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable, allowing you to stream uncompressed professional-grade real-time audio wirelessly. This device is perfect for guitarists who are looking to make their music more accessible while on the go.

JACK is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it an ideal choice for any platform. With this device, you can now jam with your favorite songs on the go, or even record and share your own music.

This wireless MIDI controller also allows you to connect to other wireless MIDI controllers, giving you access to a world of creative possibilities. JACK is easy to set up and use, making it an ideal choice for any guitarist looking to take their music to the next level.

ToneWoodamp - Effects

By connecting your guitar to your mobile device, you can use ToneWoodamp to add various effects and enhance the natural sound of your guitar.

ToneWoodamp is an innovative sound enhancement technology that allows acoustic guitar players to access a range of effects and boost their sound.

The multi-effect processor can be connected to any Amp/PA system, and features two independent effects loops and four footswitches for quick access to sounds.

The effects range from distortion and chorus to reverb and delay, and can be used to craft unique and dynamic sounds.

With ToneWoodamp, you can take your acoustic sound to the next level with the touch of a button.

It's the perfect tool for acoustic players looking to experiment with their sound and create something truly unique.

Auto Accompaniment Technology

Have you ever wanted to play guitar with auto accompaniment? OMB is a revolutionary technology that allows guitar players to do just that, adding accompaniments in real-time while playing.

It also features a clap-on device that can be added to any existing guitar, making it easier and more fun to enhance your sound.

OMB: Real-Time Accompaniment

Experience the revolutionary OMB technology for yourself to add real-time accompaniments to your guitar playing.

OMB is a groundbreaking technology that allows guitar players to add auto accompaniment to their playing in real-time. It's perfect for live performances, as it adds a professional touch and adds depth to the sound.

It's integrated with wireless MIDI controllers, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities. You can also use OMB with your existing guitar, making it easy to incorporate into your playing style.

The sound is unique and provides a great depth to your performance. With OMB, you can create dynamic and interesting sounds with ease. Whether you're playing alone or with a group, OMB will bring your performance to the next level.

OMB is a great way to take your music to the next level and make your performances stand out from the crowd.

Clap-On Device: Enhance Guitar?

Discover how a clap-on device can enhance your guitar playing and add auto accompaniment to your performance.

OMB is a revolutionary technology that allows guitar players to add auto accompaniment to their playing in real-time with the clap of their hands. This device is a game changer for guitarists, as it makes creating complex and dynamic sounds easier than ever before. It's like having a full band at your fingertips!

The device can be added to any existing guitar, providing an immediate boost to the sound. You can easily switch between different accompaniment styles and customize the sound to fit your style. It's the perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their creative possibilities.

OMB is paving the way for the future of guitar enhancements, and is sure to make an impact on the industry for years to come.

Effects and Sound Enhancement

Experience the revolutionary sound enhancement and effects with ToneWoodamp. This innovative tool allows you to play your acoustic guitar with different effects and enhance its natural sound. ToneWoodamp can be connected to any amp or PA system, making it a versatile accessory to any guitar setup. It also features a multi-effect processor that lets you customize your sound and bring out certain frequencies. The ToneWoodamp is a great choice for musicians looking to explore new sounds and experiment with different effects.

Along with ToneWoodamp, wireless MIDI controllers, guitar to mobile device connectivity, and other advancements are revolutionizing the guitar industry. ACPAD, the TriplePlay Controller by Fishman, and the iRig by IK Multimedia are just a few options available for wireless MIDI controllers. JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable is another great tool that allows you to stream audio wirelessly using Wi-Fi. For guitarists who want to explore auto accompaniment technology, OMB is a revolutionary device that adds auto accompaniment in real-time while playing.

Revolutionize your sound and explore new possibilities with these innovative tools and effects. From wireless MIDI controllers to auto accompaniment technology, these advancements in guitar technology make playing the guitar easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Wireless Audio Streaming

Discover how you can stream audio wirelessly with JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable.

This innovative wireless audio streaming device is designed to connect guitars, tablets, PCs, and phones without additional hardware. It uses Wi-Fi to stream uncompressed professional-grade real-time audio, allowing you to create unique and creative effects and sound enhancement.

You can take your music to the next level with JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable, as it allows you to quickly and easily connect to multiple devices. With this device, you can experiment with different settings and create unique sounds that you can share with the world.

JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable is the perfect tool for musicians who want to explore the world of wireless audio streaming.

Drum Machines and Pedals

Frequently, guitarists can take their music to the next level with drum machines and pedals.

One of the most popular drum machine devices is the BeatBuddy, which is a pedal and drum machine combo that provides guitarists complete control over their beats. Guitarists can integrate their drum machines with their rigs with ease, allowing for the creation of hybrid pedal effects. The BeatBuddy also features a metronome and a variety of different drum patterns, making it an invaluable tool for guitarists.

Additionally, drum machines can be used to control effects and provide a layer of dynamic percussion to any song. With the right pedal and drum machine, guitarists can create unique and powerful sounds that will take their music to the next level.

Versatile Guitar Accessories

From clap-on devices that can be added to any existing guitar, to multi-effect processors that can connect to any amp or PA system, the possibilities to enhance your sound are endless.

The ACPAD, for example, is a wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitar that can plug directly into a computer via USB. It provides a unique way to add more depth and texture to your sound.

The iRig from IK Multimedia is another great way to connect your guitar to a mobile device. It features adjustable input gain and is compatible with a range of platforms.

For those looking to take their sound even further, ToneWoodamp offers a multi-effect processor that can be used with any amp or PA system. It allows you to add effects like reverb, delay, and distortion to your guitar sound.

Wireless audio streaming is another great way to take your sound to the next level. With JACK - The WiFi Guitar Cable, you can stream uncompressed professional-grade real-time audio wirelessly, connecting to tablets, PCs, and phones without additional hardware.

As technology develops, we can expect to see more developments in wireless audio streaming and other accessories that will continue to enhance the sound produced by guitars.

Electric Guitars and Guitar Brands/Models

You can often find electric guitars with innovative features such as seven- and eight-string guitars, baritones, fanned frets, and extended-range guitars. Manufacturers such as Ibanez, Jackson, Caparison, Kiesel, and Jericho have created custom and affordable models with these features. You can check out different types of electric guitars here:

Seven string guitars have become increasingly popular, and brands like Caparison and Kiesel offer great options for those looking for this type of guitar. Extended range guitars are also widely available in a variety of styles from manufacturers like Schecter, ESP, and Mayones.

Additionally, signature guitar releases by leading manufacturers foster the next generation of cutting-edge players. Gibson and PRS have both streamlined their lines to Core, S2, SE, and Private Stock models, while D'Angelico has reemerged as a hip brand by reissuing affordable versions of their original archtops. Yamaha has also introduced the sleek Revstar guitar with Caf Racer motorcycle looks.

With these and many more options, electric guitar players can find the perfect instrument for their needs.

Easier Playability and Acoustic Guitar Trends

Have you noticed the increased ease of playability in modern guitars? Jumbo-type frets, compound or flat fingerboards, and contoured neck heels are features that make playing easier. Shred and boutique guitars often incorporate these design elements to enhance playability.

Ergonomic designs, like those seen in Strandberg guitars, are becoming popular for their headless design, fanned frets, and multi-scale options. Musicvox guitars stand out with their quirky styling, while Relish Guitars feature an aluminum frame, magnets, and modular design. Fender has revamped their iconic models and introduced new limited-edition runs and artist models.

Acoustic guitarists have become more accepting of innovative body shapes, such as smaller body sizes and rounder shapes. Companies are producing acoustic guitars with features like headless necks, fanned frets, and extended tuning ranges. Affordable acoustic guitars with high quality are now more accessible.

All of these advancements make playing the guitar easier and more enjoyable.

Technology and Sound Innovation

Are you ready to take your guitar sound to the next level?

Technology has revolutionized the guitar world, making it easier than ever to access great sound with modelling amps, effects pedals, and digital interfaces.

Explore the possibilities and find the perfect setup for your playing!

Modelling Amps

You're discovering the world of modelling amps, which have revolutionized guitar sound and technology. Companies such as Fractal Audio's Axe-Fx II and Axe-Fx III, and Kemper's Profiler lineup are making waves in the industry.

Blackstar, Boss/Roland, Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Line 6, Marshall, Peavey, Vox, and Yamaha are amongst the manufacturers who are offering modelling amps. These amps are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get a variety of tones from a single amp.

Not only do they emulate classic amps, they also offer wireless MIDI controllers for added convenience and benefits. Comparisons between different modelling amps can help you find the one that suits your needs and preferences the best.

The versatility of modelling amps has opened up many doors for guitarists, allowing them to explore new and exciting sounds.

Effects Pedals

You've likely heard of the effects pedals revolutionizing the guitar sound and technology today. Companies like Electro-Harmonix, Boss, and MXR have released their own unique looper pedals. Mini-pedals have become popular, allowing guitarists to fit them on their pedalboard and create new sounds.

Wampler's Paisley Drive pedal mimics artist tones, while TC Electronic introduced groundbreaking TonePrint technology. Digital interfaces like IK Multimedia's Axe and Apogee's GiO also let guitarists choose the right USB audio interface.

Dunlop introduced Ultex picks, redefining speed and clarity, while D'Addario/Planet Waves care and maintenance tools make string changing and capo usage easier. The rise of these effects pedals is clear, and they're quickly becoming the go-to choice for many guitarists.

Digital Interfaces

You can unlock a new level of guitar sound with digital interfaces. MIDI guitar controllers and USB audio interfaces are becoming increasingly popular as they offer greater flexibility and control over your sound.

Interfaces like the Axe-Fx II and Axe-Fx III, and Kemper's Profiler lineup provide a wide range of tone-shaping options, letting you easily craft your own unique sound.

The TC Electronic TonePrint technology allows users to download custom settings and instantly access them with the press of a button.

The Orange OMEC Teleport is a great solution for guitarists who want to bridge the gap between analog and digital guitar gear.

With these digital interfaces, you can take your guitar playing to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Store a Guitar?

The best way to store your guitar is in a protective case. It will protect it from dust and humidity, while also keeping it in tune. Get a hardshell case for extra protection, and remember to tune up regularly for best sound quality.

What Is the Best Type of Strings for Electric Guitars?

The best strings for electric guitars depend on your personal preference and the design of the bridge. String material matters; for example, nickel-plated steel strings are brighter and louder, while pure nickel strings are warmer. Consider the bridge design; flatwound strings are ideal for vintage-style bridges and a smoother tone.

What Are the Best Guitar Amplifiers for Home Use?

For home use, amp customization and playing techniques are key. Look for amplifiers with versatile tone shaping options and a wide range of effects. Choose an amp that best suits your playing style and genre. Experiment with different combinations to find your ideal sound.

What Is the Best Way to Get Started With Learning the Guitar?

Start your guitar journey by establishing a practice routine and taking guitar lessons. Develop good habits and learn the basics to get the most out of playing. With dedication and the right resources, you'll be shredding in no time!

What Is the Best Way to Clean and Maintain a Guitar?

To keep your guitar in top shape, use polishing techniques to clean and protect the finish and, when changing strings, choose a quality set that is best suited for your instrument. Get creative and try out different strings to find the sound you're looking for!


Discovering the latest guitar trends and technology can help you take your playing to the next level. From wireless MIDI controllers and auto accompaniment technology to electric guitars and sound enhancement, there's something for everyone.

With the industry becoming more resilient and innovative, you can find the perfect sound and make your playing easier and more enjoyable.

So, why not explore and take advantage of the latest advancements in guitar technology?